I’M ERICA DALLAS and I believe in delivering insightful and inspired communications to build a vivid experience to your brand from conception to launch.

For the past 10 years as a professional brand strategist and graphic designer, I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with an exceptional array of people, from nonprofit organizations to entertainment to city government on brand and event campaigns. Working with super passionate people has fueled my creative spirit and continues to light me up inside. What’s more, being able to help others tell their story and bring their vision to life is part of my purpose.

Day by Day, I am empowered by the potential of the world around us. People are so diverse and interesting in every way. I am intrigued by what makes clients laugh, cry, work, play, and how they bounce back to operate in their own power. There is nothing more motivating to be able to illustrate these stories of fearless leaders and risk takers and wanderlust seekers. They have so much to give and communicating that to the world is why I am excited to face the day. I am lucky to be in a position to continuously learn more and be a vessel for others to grow. Know that being in design mode is a pure experience and the authenticity is derived from the energy I get from my clients.

Although branding can seem minor, it is indeed one of the key elements needed to connect with your core audience. Think about your favorite brands and the fact that no matter where you are, a logo, color, or tagline instantly taps into your feelings and motivates you to buy or share with others. This powerful connection is one I strive to build every time I work with a client. Creating unforgettable advertising and promotional materials is an ultimate goal.

There’s nothing quite magnificent as seeing beautifully vivid print on an ad banner, an eye-catching website, or programs shared at a conference! I distinctively design each piece to reflect your brand and message for maximum impact. Whether it is a brochure, prospectus, or promotional product, I can design something that is both stimulating and informative enough to hold the attention of customers.The eloquence with which words are written is also central to communicating your value proposition to the world. I offer clear, tailored written material designed to capture your audience’s attention. Additionally, careful and expert rewriting and editing help improve your brand’s impact.

Because of the passion I bring to any project, you can trust that whatever vision you have, we will work together to make it a reality. I care about your emotions, dreams, ideas, and the colorful elements that give you life. Understand that I take this process seriously and want the best for your brand and business. Therefore, you will be part of each stage to assure that we are on the same page.

Whether you are in need of a brand campaign, marketing collateral, a sales page, or in-depth consulting, my services can help you at any stage. I’m available to assist you with building a masterful brand that will surely make an impact on your target audience.



Design is part of my everyday life. I simply love textures, colors, shapes, and other visuals. I combined my love of design with my love of planning and created three amazing planners to help people prepare for success. 



One of my ultimate goals in life is to empower millennials to overcome societal adversity and create a blueprint that reshapes their personal and professional lives. I aim to transform the lives of at least 10,000 millennials by the year 2025. 



I am a talented Copywriter, Graphic Design Expert, and Digital Marketer who creates newsletters, brochures, sales pages, and website content. I aim to help businesses build their visibility through vivid designs and compelling messages.